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Frightmaps helps Halloween lovers all over the nation find the best haunted attractions in their area! The #1 home haunt finder in the nation! Post your home haunt and find other home haunts near you! Now you can show off your lawn haunt and get others to like, comment and check-in!  

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How to use FrightMaps

What is FrighMaps

Find Haunted House Attractions


Post your 
Home Haunt

1. Tap the plasma icon on the tab bar
 Fill in the required information
 Agree to the TOS
 Tap Save

Then your house goes into review! Each house is manually reviewed by a REAL person to ensure every home haunt is qualified! The review process takes anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours. Once approved your home haunt is LIVE on the map for the entire nation to find!

Happy Hauntings fellow FrightMapper~

So fun! If you loved ChristmasPrism, you'll love his. Cant wait to discover all of the decorate houses and visit with my kids

I love this app and am so excited to be able to find amazing displays and haunted houses near me! Shout out to my 12ft skeleton facebook group for making me aware of this app!

We loved ChristmasPrism and couldn't wait for a Halloween version! Love love love this app for all the boys and ghouls

I had asked for apps for the different holidays last year. Thank you for bringing the Halloween App to us. 

over 500


As an avid Halloween lover and a creator of elaborate

Halloween decor, I have always wanted to be able see other displays in my city and county but would only know of them via word of mouth. This app takes the guesswork out of everything and centralizes a hub where anyone can go see yours and others display. I have already discovered 8 new haunted houses or attractions in my county that I never knew existed! This app is a game changer for anyone who wants to go see haunted houses, spooky attractions, or anything

Halloween decorations related.

Super excited for the future of this app, and can't believe it's taken so long to actually make one when for so many years, this is all we've ever wanted.

Having a love to decorate for Halloween can now easily be shared with everyone near and far! If you enjoy driving around looking at other enthusiasts decorating skills this app is perfect, share with the rest of us your setups as I will be doing the same! Happy Haunts!


Spooky Little Halloween celebrates October 31st all year long! Head over to to find tons of ideas for decor, DIYs, recipes, and more. 

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