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  • How do I add my house?
    Adding your house in FrightMaps is simple! Just tap the "Plasma" button in the center of the toolbar which will popup the add house screen. The add the required information: Title Description Address Photos Once you have completed the form agree to our TOS and press save! If successful you will see a popup saying your house is now waiting for approval! Congratulations Fright Fan!
  • My house isn't showing up?
    You can check the status of your listing by navigating to settings then manage houses. If the status says "pending" it means it's waiting for approval. If your listing says approved, and it's still now showing up make sure the toggle for "Live" is green!
  • How can I hide my house?
    If you don't have your lights on for a night or perhaps a wind storm is threatening to take down your 12ft Skelly or blow ups, you can "hide" your house from the map without deleting it. Simply navigate to Settings -> Manage House. Toggle the "Live" button to the off position. Just don't forget to turn it back on!
  • How long does review take?
    In order to keep the app safe for everyone's eyes we manually review each listing. ( Yes a real human looks at all of the data ) We check for bad language, inappropriate photos and we ensure URL's are safe and relevant. You should have your approval in less than 24 hours and most times within an hour.
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